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Month: August 2015

Dating Advice: Relationship Red Flags

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This is for anyone in an exclusive dating relationship moving toward marriage. Here are three potential red flags. Think about your life with the one you like-like or love and make certain none of these are present. If they are, they need to be addressed. Evaluation now is better than heartbreak later. And beside that—you deserve a great relationship.

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Drama at the Dinner Table


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[Furnishings Part Two]

Meal experiences are some of life’s best. Think of holiday gatherings, wedding rehearsal dinners, sitting-down to find mom made your favorite dish. And there are times when good food and good conversation with good friends turns into lingering hours—enjoying each other long after the food is gone.

Dinner tables can also be a place of tension and feelings hurt by mumbled comments, slicing accusations, or cold-shoulder detachment. Few things cut like unkind words from a family member.

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