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Month: September 2015

A Prayer for the Stressed-Out Student

Stress, college student, tests, exams, studying, college

O God My Father,

This moment in life—this time spent as a student—is a privilege made possible by your generous hand. You created my abilities, you led me to this school and you made the finances possible. Thank you for opening doors and providing for needs. I am grateful for the long string of kindnesses you have shown to bring me this far.

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Things Left Unsaid

things left unsaid, grief, missing them, affirmation, encouragement

Last week one of my fellow staff members passed-away suddenly. Lynn Hoffman was the feisty and faithful Senior Adult Minister for our church. And she was my friend. In the weeks before her passing, we talked soberly about plans for her retirement and travels with Norman, her beloved husband. My friend Lynn and I knew how we felt about each other. I knew that she and her family loved me, and she knew that I and my family loved her. However there are a few things I wish I would have said.

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