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Wifi. According to Scientific American Magazine—the term is not an abbreviation, just a name industry pioneers came up with because it sounded better than a bunch of numbers and dots. At our house, we love Wifi very much. We grieve when it’s down and pout when it’s slow. We smile when it makes our stream dreams possible. Wifi is great because of where it can take us. No one has Wifi just to have Wifi. Having it and not utilizing it would be wasteful.

There are myriad benefits to knowing Christ Jesus. We are sons and daughters of God—adopted by grace. We are forgiven and clean and free. Through the Son we have access to the Father—invited to approach and to ask and to seek and to knock. Each of us has a place among the community of faith known as the Church. The support, prayer cover, teaching, friendships, and mutual ministry makes the value of this benefit difficult to calculate.

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