A Prayer for the Stressed-Out Student

Stress, college student, tests, exams, studying, college

O God My Father,

This moment in life—this time spent as a student—is a privilege made possible by your generous hand. You created my abilities, you led me to this school and you made the finances possible. Thank you for opening doors and providing for needs. I am grateful for the long string of kindnesses you have shown to bring me this far.

I sense this is nowhere near the end of your plans for me. I believe this season is an investment for what awaits when I am no longer a student. Thank you for making plans to use my life in your work on the earth. Thank you for exposing me to the ideas and books and concepts and teachers in this place. It means so much to me—that you would train me and prepare me in this way. Because you have trusted me with this opportunity and because you have been so good and kind, I want to do well—to honor you and to seize the possibilities.

Right now, there is so much to keep-up with; I fear I am slipping behind. Carry me, O Lord, through this demanding season. I confess that I have said “yes” to too many things in my schedule. Shine a light on places where time and energy are wasted. Give me courage to cut what needs to be cut. Help me to manage well all of the expectations on my life—the classes, the assignments, the relationships…the tests. I cannot handle these alone. I need your help.

college, college student, exams, tests, stress, stressed-out

The pressure, at times, is suffocating. My Enemy terrorizes my mind with fears of looming defeat. Do battle for me, O Lord. Silence the Accuser, burst through the clutter and noise to show me the way forward.

I know your love for me is not tied to my grades. I know my value as a person is not tied to my grades. Yet I want to do well. I need to do well. So as I spend time in study, help me to absorb what I read. Help me to prepare well for the tests. Help me to sleep well the night before. And help me to remember that the significance of my life does not hinge upon one grade.

Thank you for your comforting presence—with me in every class, in every book, in every test.

I have experienced your faithfulness over and over again. I need your help this week—the assignments are many, and I am becoming discouraged. Quiet my fears, protect my joy, give rest to my soul, and be my help in these demanding days. Carry me through, as you have done so many times before.

In the name of Jesus—who made this relationship possible,