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Worry is a toxin that attacks our faith.

It relentlessly wonders, “What if ______ doesn’t work out?”

  • What if I don’t get the job?
  • What if I don’t get into the program?
  • What if I have to move back home?
  • What if my daughter doesn’t win the audition?
  • What if I made the wrong choice?
  • What if my parents divorce?
  • What if the cancer comes back?
  • What if this new relationship falls apart?
  • What if I can’t find a roommate?
  • What if people find out I failed?

In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus encourages us to lay down our habit of worrying. We could list dozens, but here are five Christ-honoring reasons worry is really bad for us:

  1. Worry keeps us from the mission of fruit-bearing and disciple-making. Life is more than your career or when you might get married or your child’s opportunities. Sometimes worry exposes a threatened idol. Does your worry reveal imbalanced priorities?  Christ-Honoring Response: I will pursue what is eternally important, rather than worrying about what is less than eternally important.
  2. Worry leads us to compare our story to others. Right now, right in front of you—choose to see the goodness and faithfulness of God. Count your blessings. Contentment can disarm worry. Remember how God has shown Himself to be absolutely faithful. Christ-Honoring Response: I choose to enjoy the blessings of today, rather than worrying about the unknowns of tomorrow.
  3. Worry urges us to help ourselves rather than wait on God. Worry generates a secret panic. Christ-Honoring Response: I will trust God because I have seen His work in my life.  He can be trusted.
  4. Worry accuses God of being untrustworthy. God sees every detail of your life. His sovereign rule is both all-encompassing and intimately personal. You are not forgotten. Christ-Honoring Response: I will trade “what if” for “Lord-willing”.  He alone controls my path.
  5. Worry robs our joy in present blessings. Worry nudges us to wonder what other people are thinking about us. Worry cozies-up to point all of our attention toward future “what-ifs.” Instead, let’s be concerned with God’s expectations for how we spend TODAY. Christ-Honoring Response: I will be concerned about tomorrow…tomorrow.  I refuse to entertain hypothetical conversations or outcomes.

 Stop worrying. It’s more than you’re not supposed-to; you don’t have-to.


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