The Law of Delight

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“For I delight in the law of God, in my inner being…” Romans 7:22

Through what lens do you see the commands, precepts, testimonies, laws, instructions, and statutes of God? Do you view them as limiting boundaries or as gifts of love? Certainly, they combine as God’s non-negotiable expectations for life. Yet we must not consider the expectations as separate from His desire for our joy. Obedience can be a path to delight. There is a connection between the commands of God and the kindness of God.

The commands of God are superior paths to walk for our days on this fallen planet.

The commands of God are not the rigid requirements of a tyrant. They are not restrictive lists decreed by a dictator. They are not statutes imposed to limit our joy. The commands of God are—in large part—the loving designs for how to live in this fallen world. With caring and kindness, God carefully laid-out the paths that lead to life. He gave His law so that we might avoid the pits and traps of sin…and so avoid sin’s end—destruction. He graciously leads us on right roads. It follows then, sin is not just a disobedient choice—it is the inferior choice. Choosing against God’s commands is the way of the fool.

Only new birth through Christ enables us to see and to choose the superior paths.

Romans chapter six says that before we met Christ, we were slaves to sin—naturally craving ways to satisfy our depraved nature.  It was all we knew.  It was all we could see.  In the blindness of spiritual death, we believed those paths were as good as life could get.

The cross of Christ enables us to follow the paths laid-out by our loving Father. It enables us to live the abundant life God wants us to enjoy. Only the cross of Christ enables us to recognize the wisdom in His commands. Jesus–our only hope–makes it possible to see Him for who He really is, and his laws for that they truly are. And once we are awakened through faith, we can recognize the evil schemes of our evil enemy.

God desires that we thrive under His shepherding. Satan encourages us to ignore and defy the law of God—to settle for inferior paths.  Satan enjoys our regret and consequences. God wants us to delight in His laws—to enjoy His leadership. God leads us to places of goodness and joy and satisfaction. The only way we are able to partake in this is through God’s gracious salvation. Thanks be to God for the gift of new life in Christ! Without it, we would be lost—blindly stumbling into pain and peril.

Live today with fresh gratitude for the commands of God.

Psalm 119:162 says, “I rejoice at your Word like one who finds great spoil.”

Our Father invites us to life through limits…and that makes Him more glorious.   When you consider the commands of God, feel loved and cared for and provided for. Let happiness swell, gratitude stir—let worship rise. Get your face and life into the Book of God’s benevolent commands. Life and joy and blessing await.



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