Means to an End

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Wifi. Scientific American Magazinesays the term is not an abbreviation, just a name industry pioneers came up with because it sounded better than a bunch of numbers and dots. At our house, we love Wifi. We grieve when it’s down and pout when it’s slow. We smile as it makes our stream dreams possible. Wifi is great because of where it can take us. No one has Wifi just to have Wifi. Having it and not utilizing it would be wasteful.

There are countless benefits to knowing Christ Jesus. Here are just a few. We are sons and daughters of God—adopted by grace. We are forgiven and clean and free. Through the Son we have access to the Father—invited to approach and to ask and to seek and to knock. Each of us has a place among the community of faith known as the Church. The support, prayer cover, teaching, friendships, and mutual ministry makes the value of this benefit difficult to calculate.

All of these benefits accompany the overwhelming privilege of knowing Jesus. Friendship with THE GOD who was, who is, and who will always be—this is eternity’s prize!

So how are Wifi, knowing Jesus, and the Church connected? I’m glad you asked.

Having a place in the Church is not the end goal—it is a means to multiple ends. It is good that you attend. Yet if you equate attendance as the end, it’s like having Wifi and never using it. God wants to put His greatness on display through your life. He wants the world to see His strength in you through peaks and valleys. He wants to employ your spiritual gifts for the good of the Body of Christ. He wants your neighbors and co-workers to see and hear the Gospel through your ministry of reconciliation. He wants to use you to encourage and serve. He wants to fill you to unimagined fullness as you dive into community with believers. You are part of His Church—and the Church is wonderful because of where it can take you. Take the NEXT STEP! Go beyond attendance. Get into a small group! Discover the amazing relationships that will cheer you on as you follow Christ!

Knowing Jesus has benefits, but there are more opportunities than selfish ends. It is good that you pray. Yet if your prayers revolve around personal requests, bypassing worship and adoration, it is tempting to think only of God in terms of what He can do for you. Of course, pray about your personal needs. Of course, pray about barriers and enemies. Of course, ask God to open doors of opportunity. But always remain more in love with Jesus than the things Jesus can make possible. Spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction instead of asking his blessing on what you’ve already decided. Let us be men and women who treasure access to our beloved Savior—forever settled that having Him and knowing Him is enough.

Wifi enables us to go…well…almost anywhere we can imagine. Knowing Jesus and belonging to a church–these are just the entry points for so many moments of ministry and so many experiences of joy.