A Prayer for College Students In a New Semester


A new college semester begins today for two of our kiddos. Jacob is at Baylor and Emily is at SCAD in Savannah. Stacy and I love college students. Here is a prayer for our kids and the thousands who this morning step into a new semester or quarter.

May God give you vision for how your coursework connects to His purpose for your life. May you increase in boldness for living and speaking the Gospel on your campus. May you find deep joy in the fun of the college experience—making memories that last. May He protect you from sickness, favoring you with quality sleep and physical protection. May God bless you with strong Believing friends in a Christ-centered church; a community to cheer you on as you follow Jesus, speaking grace and truth as needed. May God protect you from the schemes of the Enemy—helping you spot his traps and drowning out the false whispers of comparison and shame. May God favor your hard work in study so that papers flow easily and exams pose no threat. May you know the sweet security of clinging to Christ when trials and storms assault your life. May this semester or quarter be a season of great growth in your affection for Jesus and in your skills for increasing His fame where He has planted you. May God help you rest in the knowledge that everything that will happen in this season—He already knows it and is able to carry you through it. May God give you peace and confidence from knowing that not only is He with you, He goes before you to prepare the way.